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Acne Solutions Dermaceutics Clear Skin Sebum Reducing Clay Mask


An exceptionally potent clarifying clay mask, which effectively decongests blocked pores and absorbs excess oil, leaving your skin looking beautifully clear and smooth, with a porcelain-like mattified appearance. A combination of natural kaolin and zinc oxide absorbs oil that is found deeply in the pores, whilst a synergistic blend of seboregulating active ingredients reduces excess shine and refines the texture of the skin.

•Ultra-absorbent kaolin and zinc oxide act deeply to unclog pores and clarify the skin
•Ac.Net™ reduces sebaceous activity, prevents inflammation and restores a clear complexion
•Sebuless™, from natural violet flowers, reduces sebum and irritation, whilst mattifying the skin
•Olive and avocado oils help to restore lipid barrier function, without causing oiliness or shine
•Skin is left feeling beautifully detoxified, with a clean, clear and porcelain-like appearance